Whether you work in an office, on the road, or outside in Waterloo Region, Massage Therapy can play an important role in headache relief. Working with a Registered Massage Therapist, like Mirabela Candale, is a great way to reduce headaches.

What causes headaches?

Headaches and migraines can be caused by a variety of factors and can be broken up into two categories: primary and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are an overactivity of the pain sensors in the brain. Secondary headaches are a symptom of a disease. A Registered Massage Therapist can help relax the mind and body which may improve headaches. In the case of a primary headache, tension might be directly causing the headache. However, secondary headaches may still be improved by reducing overall stress. If you would like to learn more about headaches, check out this article from the MayoClinic.

How does a Registered Massage Therapist help?

A Registered Massage Therapist can help break the vicious cycle of chronic stress. When your body tense because of an old injury, poor posture habits, a disease, or overuse at work, it can be a challenge to relax. Different manual techniques such as cupping, skin rolling, and acupuncture can target specific soft-tissue areas. Sometimes simply making time to prioritize “me time” during a Massage Therapy Treatment can work wonders.

Does Massage Therapy hurt?

Different people experience pain differently. Mirabela, the Registered Massage Therapist at VC Therapeutics, checks in with clients to ensure the Treatment doesn’t cause needless pain.

Is Massage Therapy expensive?

Many benefits plans cover Registered Massage Therapy treatment. Check with your employer’s benefit plan to see how much you are covered for Massage Therapy. Massage Therapists that do not belong to the College of Massage Therapists will not be covered by benefit plans. Exact prices can be found on our booking page.


If you have more questions about how a Registered Massage Therapist in Waterloo can help reduce your headaches, please feel free to contact Mirabela.

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